Nipple Pasties for Women Disposable Nipple Covers for Women ( 50 Pairs )

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  • Description
    • Dry Clean Only.
    • 90% Cotton, 10% Rayon.
    • Note: If you tear it right off directly, you may feel a little discomfort. Please soften the nipple cover with warm water when removing, do not remove it directly because it might hurt your skin. After softening, which means the pasty loses its adhesion, then remove it slowly.
    • Such a Good Bra Alternative - Didn’t want your bra straps to show? Want good shape with backless shirts and dresses? Why not try our pasties nipple covers?
    • Gets No Show-through - The flower shape keeps the nipple cover from puckering and the thickness is just enough to cover but not too thick to show even in a tshirt.
    • Lasts All Day without Problem - Provide all the coverage you need, these breast petals nipple covers can last 10 hours+ straight with no issues, even thru the sweat and movement.
    • Latex Free, No Irritation - The nipple stickers are latex free and are also a soft satin feel on the side that touches the shirt. You can remove them without causing pain or irritation.
    • What You Get - 50 Pairs (100 pieces total) of disposable pasties. The exact petal diameter is 2.35" and the middle circle is 1.2".